Fork me on GitHub to SayIt importer

  1. Create a new instance at mySociety SayIt, or use an existing instance.
  2. Click Import Speeches to show the /import/akomantoso screen.
  3. Enter the URL followed by source URL (with no spaces in-between) to import the section.

For example, for the original URL at the corresponding import URL is — you can view it in browser to preview the XML structure (cache updated every minute).

Transcript format:

Optionally indicate video start time with hourglass symbol and ISO 8601 timestamp on its own line: ⌛ 2015-10-01T18:51:00

Speaker’s name on its own line, ending with a colon. Optionally add relative timecode (hh:mm:ss) after colon.

Speech content follows the speaker’s name as indented text and/or bullet items.

(Parenthesised non-indented lines are nonverbal actions.)

Heading 1 denotes sub-sections.

To adjust or delete existing sections, just re-import a pad with the same title text (a different URL is OK) and select Replace them in the import screen.